Who we are

Your ability to create wealth and stay wealthy are not dependent on how much you earn, they are dependent on your habits and choices. Habits and choices are driven by your thoughts and emotions. How do you feel about money? What does it mean to think mindfully about your money? Do you have healthy money habits?

Mary J Fourie is a millennial change-maker and founder of My Journey 2 Freedom. She helps people to think about and plan their money and their life in an integrated, whole-person approach incorporating mind, body, and soul. Her passion is to inspire change-making; working with her clients to shift the way that they earn and spend their money to align with what feels most purposeful and meaningful to them.

What Mary J offers her clients is to help them shift from feeling overwhelmed by their responsibilities and any fears and uncertainty around how money fits into their Life, to feeling confident that they have a plan, are in control and know what small steps to take to create the future that they want for themselves and those they love.

Mary J is known for her independent and creatively disruptive thinking that challenges the status quo and allows her to provide a neutral, fee-only, and solutions-agnostic service that she delivers to individuals, couples and families or groups of individuals as well as businesses who believe that taking care of their employees financial well-being through empowering financial education is part of their change-making mission and vision..

She has experience as both a change-maker on a journey to fulfil her own personal purpose, as well as a Financial Planner and Coach equipped with the tools to make it happen.

In building her toolbox, Mary J completed two NQF5 Higher Certificate‚Äôs in Financial Planning obtained from Milpark Business School as well as a Leadership & Coach Training qualification from Star Leadership (Pty) Ltd. She is a Registered Financial Practitioner™ with the Financial Planning Institute Southern Africa (FPI), is credentialled with the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and is an accredited iEQ9 Enneagram Individual & Team Practitioner.

With a passion for growing financial coaching in South Africa, she runs the Money Talks Development Financial Coach Training School and sits as a volunteer on the local board of directors of the South African Charter Chapter of the ICF in the role of Ambassador for Coaching in the Financial Services Sector.

Mary J lives by her values of freedom created by connection, contribution and responsibility and believes that her clients have the potential to create their own journey to financial freedom by working in partnership with her through her values driven and integrated head, hands and heart-based approach to money.