Who we are

My Journey 2 Freedom was started in 2017 by a change-maker and Millennial with a dream, Mary J Fourie.

Mary J had spent most of her Life living with the belief that there wasn’t enough money in the world for her to pursue her dreams and build the Life she wanted to live. This came about as a result of experiencing the death of her father, from a brain tumour, at the age of 5. He was 35. Her mother was left behind with two children under the age of 6, medical debt, a newly bonded house and the need to get back into the working world after being a stay at home mom for 6 years.

Mary J grew up knowing most of what was going on financially in the family house. Believing that money wouldn’t just fall off a tree and into her lap, she went out and got her first retail job at age 15. Working part-time whilst she finished high school enabled her to pay for all the nice things a teenager wants at that stage of their lives. It also enabled her to save up to move out the house by age 18, and buy her own computer!

In 2008 Mary J welcomed her daughter into the world, making a firm commitment to create a financially supportive and abundant Life for her child- a focused decision to rewrite her personal money story so that her daughter would not have to experience the same challenges that she had.

Deciding that retail was not the right environment for her anymore now that she was a new mom, Mary J dabbled in online support and marketing until 2013 when she started studying through Milpark Business School towards becoming a Financial Planner. Later that year she joined Stuart Kantor of Kanan Wealth as a Paraplanner and very quickly made herself an invaluable asset to that company as Operations Manager and Wealth Manager under supervision.

It was during her time at Kanan Wealth that Mary J felt that there was more to what she was doing than just “giving advice”. In 2015 she began Professional Coach Training and Leadership Development through Star Leadership. As a result of going through the transformational journey herself, she re-discovered her dreams and awakened her innate abilities, realising that she could build the business she had always dreamed of : “My Journey 2 Freedom”.

It took two years to build My Journey 2 Freedom, but in June 2017 she launched on her own and has not looked back since.

Being a rebel and a pioneer in the Lifestyle Financial Planning & Coaching world, Mary J takes an alternative approach to the financial planning process. An approach which includes building deep relationships with her clients whilst she takes them on a journey into their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviour to help them create purpose and meaning for their money so that their money supports the journey of the Life they want to live.

Mary J understands that money can be overwhelming and it is her desire to help her clients shift from feeling overwhelmed about money to on purpose. Her deepest desire is that any client who works with her ends up feeling in control of their money and the direction of their Lives so that they can be both financially free AND live a Life of purpose, contributing something of value to the world that will change the world in some way.

In addition to her work through My Journey 2 Freedom, Mary J also consults as a Coach & Facilitator where she runs Leadership & Coach Training programs for corporates and individuals, Team Development programs for small businesses as well as Lifestyle Financial Planner Training programs for independent financial advisers and planners.


  • RFP™ (Registered Financial Practitioner) with the Financial Planning Institute in South Africa.
  • PCC™ (Professional Certified Coach) with the International Coach Federation Globally.