Vision / Values / Mission


The world today is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Society teaches us that success means growth at all costs. We have lost connection with ourselves, with each other and with a higher power. In the financial services industry success is driven by sales and meeting sales targets where the client isn’t the human but the human’s money, and the success of a financial services professional is in the amount of products they can sell and assets they can gather.

We do not agree with the way the financial services industry operates presently. We are frustrated with the broken systems we have been forced into. We feel overwhelmed, but also inspired. We are tired of being told that we’re entitled and that our vision for a better way of working is a fantasy.

We have a vision to lead the creation of a new world. Our vision of this new world is one of the wellbeing economy where success (freedom) will be measured by the wellbeing of the society it serves, created through individual and collective connectedness, contribution and responsibility.

We are here to lead the way in creating this new world. Starting with viewing ourselves and our clients as the multi-dimensional humans that we are. A unique blend of mind, body and soul. Individuals with purpose and a gift to offer the world that will change the world in some way.

We believe that it is our purpose and responsibility, as Lifestyle Financial Planners & Coaches, to empower and support our clients in a way that assists them to define their purpose, create a financial strategy to support their Life’s journey and be a trusted partner and coach along the way.


We believe that we, and our clients, have the right to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically free.

We believe in nurturing connection with ourselves, each other, our clients and a higher power.

We believe in contributing something of value that will change our clients lives and as a result, the world, in some way.

We believe in the responsible use of our gifts and talents and being aware of our response-ability to others.


Our mission is to create a community* of change-makers** who are up to something. They are responsible disrupters who challenge the status quo through their independent thinking, feeling and actions. Our goal is to create a community where we are simultaneously free and connected, contributing and receiving value, responsible for ourselves and to each other.

Every member of our community has something to offer to the community, and the world, and a plan to help them do that. Together the community creates support, accountability and opportunity by offering a space to connect, share and create something bigger than our individual contributions as a result. Together the community will change the world.

*Community includes both My Journey 2 Freedom team and clients.

**We define change-makers as the ones that are up to something inspiring, with a vision to contribute something of value that will change the world in some way.