Financial Planning & Coaching Approach

The polarity of the human experience is that we are all one and connected, yet simultaneously separate and unique in the expression of our humanness. Therefore, it’s my belief that everything in Life should be customised to fit YOU and your unique expression which includes your physical, mental and emotional needs, wants and dreams. This goes for medicine, nutrition, exercise, sleep, learning, clothes, financial planning… absolutely everything. There is no “one-size-fits-all”.

I sincerely believe that the purpose of our Lives is to become experts of ourselves and in everything we do to “understand the system, and master it to our advantage.” In this way we are able to live the polarity by being the best we can be in our own unique way, AND then also serve others and the whole as a result. It’s a win-win formula.

This means that any expert, including me, needs to shift their perspective and way of thinking from “I know best”, “my way is the only way” to one of being curious about what the best way is for my client. Trusting in the process that by supporting my client with knowledge and guidance, my client is empowered to make choices that will change their Life and allow them to be the best they can be.

This is MJF Wealth, and Mary’s, approach to Financial Planning and Coaching. You are a unique client, therefore a copy-paste Financial Plan will not suit you. It is important that I get to know you, who you are and what you want, and that together we create a clear picture of what we are working towards- where you want your Financial Plan to take you. The relationship is tailored to meet you where you are rather than telling you what you should and should not do, or using fear tactics to coerce you into signing up for something that doesn’t really work for you. From a Coaching perspective we will explore who you are and how the various parts of you – thoughts, feelings and behaviour – impact your finances. Do you have a healthy relationship to money? Is it carefree and easy, does money flow in your Life? Or is your relationship to money stressed and strained and full of tension and frustration? If you could choose, which one would you rather have?

At the end of the day I am here to be your Financial Partner, here to support and guide you on your journey through navigating challenges and making choices that take you to where you want to go, whatever that looks like to you- not forgetting to celebrate the small wins along the way.

Interested to take control of your money and finances and create the Life you dream of? Contact Mary to schedule a free introductory chat.

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