About My Journey 2 Freedom

Everything we do is about Freedom.

My Journey 2 Freedom is a registered Financial Services Provider, MJF Wealth (Pty) Ltd FSP48028, that specializes in Lifestyle Financial Planning & Coaching.

We work with people to think about and plan their money and their life. Our passion is to work with those we call change-makers, the ones who are up to something inspiring, with a vision to contribute something of value that will change the world in some way.

We help our clients shift from feeling overwhelmed by their responsibilities, fears and uncertainty to feeling confident that they have a plan, are in control and know what small steps to take to create the future that they want for themselves, those they love and to fulfil their purpose.

We’re known for our independent, disruptive thinking that challenges the status quo and allows us to provide a neutral, fee-only and solutions-agnostic service that we can deliver to individuals, couples and families as well as businesses who believe that taking care of their employees financial well-being through empowering financial education is part of their change-making mission and vision.

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